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Every year thousands of people are killed, injured or disfigured by medical malpractice. Fresno Law Firm Chandler Law has handled many significant medical malpractice or medical negligence cases to conclusion, whether settlement or verdict. Most recently, Mr. Chandler tried the matter of Chevaliar v. Kaiser Permanente to verdict in Fresno County Superior Court and the jury returned a damages award of $5,000,000. For this, Mr. Chandler was nominated for Street Fighter of the Year by his peers, an award that is given once a year at the Annual Convention sponsored by CAOC-Consumer Attorneys of California.

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While medicine is not an exact science, a patient expects that he or she will be treated with a high degree of skill and care by physicians, therapists and nurses. Any medical professional must operate within recognized standards of practice or be subject to the potential of legal action.

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There are several additional ways that a physician may commit an act of medical negligence or commit malpractice. Contact our office if you have any questions and also be mindful that there are strict timing limitations on when you may be allowed to bring a lawsuit, so contact a legal professional immediately if you need advice in this regard.

Medical Malpractice Law

To establish liability and recover damages in a medical negligence case, you must prove that the medical professional breached the standard of care that others in the profession would employ in the same or similar circumstances. This often requires the use of an expert to testify about the appropriate standard and how the doctor, therapist, nurse and others failed to meet that standard.

If your lawyer proves liability, you are entitled to damages. Your damages for pain and suffering have been capped at $250,000 by a law passed in 1976. California Legislation is currently working to increase the capped amount a person is entitled to for Pain and Suffering, but as of today, non-economic damages remain limited to $250,000.00.

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